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Purtee CPA wants to meet with you about the range of services provided. You may be looking for an accountant for the first time. You may be looking to replace your current services because you are unhappy. Whatever your situation, deciding on an account requires confidence in your accountants professionalism and expertise. The discussion will start with learning about you and your needs. Your need may be as simple as your personal tax return. It may be a large scale need with multiple businesses as well as your own personal tax. It may include all of those plus the need for bookkeeping and ongoing business consultation. We will take the time to learn all we can about you to personalize our services to suit you best. Next, we will work as a team to review your current method of bookkeeping and account. Purtee CPA utilizes QuickBooks and can give you a simple description of how the technology can be personalized for your business. This will help lay the foundation for planning growth for your business. Finally, discussing the schedule of recommended services based on the information shared and the straight-forward and fair pricing of those services.

This process allows you to interview Purtee CPA as well to make sure we are a fit for you. Purtee CPA wants to answer questions that you may have about our services and how we can help you reach your goals. We want to show you how our services can best fit you whether you are housed down the street or down the interstate. Our use of technology can provide you with the assistance you need at the place you need it.

Your business may be in the first stages. This initial stage demands the most guidance. It is also in this stage that Purtee CPA can help guide you the most. Purtee can lead you in developing your business plan. He can also educate you on the type of business and explore the pros and cons to arrive at the best option for you. You may have a thriving business but feel that it could grow and need some ongoing accountant consulting. No matter where you are in the spectrum, Purtee can take some basic information at your free accounting consultation. Then, if you decide we are a fit, he can provide you with dependable and quality services.

Purtee CPA hopes to hear from you soon. Feel free to call us at (615)881-4526 or fill out the information on our contact page.

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