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Owning a business is a 24/7 job. There are many great aspects. The time put into the business can be difficult. When you own the business, work doesn’t end at 5:00. Along with all the benefits comes the responsibility. One of the most important parts to manage correctly in your business is finance. Making sure your business has a healthy bottom line has to be a priority. A successful business depends on accurate bookkeeping. Bookkeeping and accounting can make up most of the hours you spend. It can not only be time consuming but frustrating as well. You can hire an employee to manage this, but there are taxes and other liabilities that come with hiring employees. Another option is finding business software. Having a good software program does aid in the speed and efficiency of the bookkeeping process. Deciding on a software and learning to use it to its full potential can be the tricky part.


One highly rated software program for bookkeeping is QuickBooks. QuickBooks is highly rated. It is a software program that small businesses use to keep track of sales, expenses and transactions on a daily basis. It works for small, medium and large businesses. There are several versions from desktop application to online. QuickBooks Online Self-Employed is used if you have a freelance job. QuickBooks Online Simple Start is the first level. This first level is targeted at sole proprietors and small businesses. Upgrading to another QuickBooks versions is an option as your small business grows. The next level is QuickBooks Online Essentials. This level includes the same pieces from Self-Employed and Simple Start but also includes time tracking, bill management, and will allow for three users. QuickBooks Online Plus is the next highest level. It adds the pieces of tracking inventory and projecting profitability as well as giving five users. The last and top level is QuickBooks Online Advanced. This version adds bill paying, accelerated invoicing, smart reports, and ability to customize fields. QuickBooks also has a desktop version. This version is a one time fee. It has leveled versions as well. Desktop Pro allows you to have tracking for inventory, sales, sales tax, income and expenses. It allows for managing bills and accounts payable. Pro Plus will allow you to have software updates, data backup and recovery, and customer support. Premiere and Premiere plus give the added features of creating sales orders, customizing inventory reports, and tracking for cost of products and inventory. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is the top level. It is the most useful for a large business.

QuickBooks can be made to be flexible and tailor-made for your specific business. The advantage of using Purtee CPA is the training and consultation aspect. Purtee can train you on all the features of the program. He will ensure that the program is set up individually to work for you. He can help you with tax planning and show you how to use the program to create all the documentation you will need for tax purposes.

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